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This page is dedicated to the authors who have been selected to submit chapters for the upcoming book: Privacy and Safety in Remote Learning Environments.

For reference, the original CFP details are at https://dsi.mtsu.edu/cfpBook2022, and once finished, the book will be published on the MTSU Pressbooks site.

Congratulations on the tenative acceptance of your book chapter!


Author Guidelines

Please carefully follow the guidelines below as you write. Any manuscripts not meeting these guidelines will be returned to the author(s) for correction, which can cause significant delays in the publication.

Submissions Link: https://mtsu.libwizard.com/f/chapters

In the meantime, please look over and adhere to Author Guidelines below:

Chapter Requirements

  1. 3,000-5,000 words (not including tables/figures and references)
  2. The manuscript/chapter should be submitted in .docx format.
  3.  Manuscripts should be double-spaced and use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins.
  4. On a title page, include the chapter title, all author names and institutions, and email addresses. Do not place author names on any other pages.
  5. All references and citations must follow the style of APA 7th edition.
  6. Submissions should be in the English language.
  7. All equations must be formatted with LaTeX or MathML.
  8. All visual elements such as figures, tables, charts, etc. must be clear and legible.
  9. The manuscript must be free of plagiarism and all sources must be properly and accurately cited.
    1. Acquire permission for copyrighted images (see Image Permissions section)
    2. Caption a figure that is not the author’s
    3. Use image permission form
  10. Image size and resolution
    1. 300 dpi
    2. TIFF or JPG file type
    3. To check the resolution size of an image, right click on the image file and select “Properties”
    4. Font size within image must be at least 6pt. (minimum)
    5. Color: Please note that while images may appear in color in the electronic version of your manuscript, images will appear in grayscale (black and white only) in the printed version.
      • Make sure the images are clear when printed in color, or submit altered image files in black and white for the print version
    6. Color: Please do not make reference to color in image captions.
  11. Number of figures
    1. Most chapters of this size have 0-4 images (screenshots, figures, tables, etc) and not more than 8. Make sure you are only selecting images that make a significant contribution to the chapter. Contact the editors if you want to use more than 8.
    2. List figures in order as they appear: Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.
    3. List tables in order as they appear: Table 1, Table 2, etc.
    4. Make sure all figure/table numbers are in BOTH the captions and within the name of each image file
  12. Captions
    1. With the chapter, clearly indicate where images should be placed and include a caption in the text. For example:

Figure 1: This is the caption for the figure.

  1. Captions should not be in the table/figure itself.
  2. Do not use “the Figure below” or “in the following table” type of language. Please provide the exact number of the figure/table within the text.

Good example: The bar chart in Figure 1 presents the sales of computers from 2021.

Poor example: The following bar chart presents the sales of computers from 2021.

  1. Tables
    1. Please create tables with Microsoft Office if possible (Word or Excel). If not, make the tables into image files with the same specifications as figures (resolution and color).
  2. Copyright agreements will be used for each chapter author.
  3. Plagiarism checks will be performed prior to official acceptance for publication. Please ensure that all information used from outside sources is properly cited and all thoughts are your own words.
  4. Heading names should be used within the body of your text (try to stay within three heading levels: H1, H2, H3)
  5. Key terms (5-10) should be used for each chapter.
  6. Editorial review is conducted for each chapter before the manuscript is officially accepted for publication.

Author Requirements

  1. Biographical sketch (100-150) words. Please write the bio in a third-person narrative format.
  2. Affiliation
  3. Email address (should this change before the manuscript is published, update the editors).
  4. Submission of copyright agreement.
  5. Submission of Image Permission Forms (if applicable).
  6. Ensure all co-authors have completed the same requirements.
  7. Authors of book chapters may be expected to serve as reviewers for 2-3 chapters. Authors have a vested interest in ensuring the quality of chapters within the publication, as improving the quality of the publication as a whole will also improve the reception of their own work therein.


Image Permissions

It is your responsibility to obtain written permission to include any copyrighted images in your chapter. Citation of sources in figures is necessary for academic standards. However, please note that while citation is sufficient for reproducing brief quotations under fair use, citation alone is not sufficient for reproducing images.

Permissions may be needed for:

Screenshot of a company’s page, screenshot of a video game, screenshot of proprietary software, etc.

Captioning a figure that is not the author’s:

After obtaining permission, you are responsible to indicate the original source of the image in the caption and that is it is being used with permission:

Figure 1: This is the caption. (© Year, Copyright holder name. Used with permission)

If you create an image based on another copyrighted image:

You must indicate this in the image caption, that it is adapted from elsewhere.

                Figure 1: This is the caption. (Adapted from [source of copyright image]).

Other considerations:

  • Trademark use. All trademark use within the chapter MUST be credited to its owner, or written permission to use the name must be granted.
  • If a fee is required to reproduce an object (article, figure, table, TM, etc), the chapter will not get published. The book publisher only accepts agreements which grant non-exclusive world rights with permission to publish in all languages and permission to publish in both print and electronic form in this publication and any subsequent publication, as long as the reproduction is within the context of the chapter and the original source is acknowledged.
  • Keep a log of the permissions you are seeking. You may use the Rights Log (optional) that is provided, or another form you create. Image permission request forms are forthcoming in spring 2023, ask the editors if needed.