What is Digital Scholarship?

Digital scholarship at Walker Library is interdisciplinary, collaborative, and committed. As a method, it emphasizes the use of interactive technologies to expand the participation, modes of access, diversity of analysis, and the dissemination, and preservation of scholarship. The frequently used term, digital humanities (DH), is a subset of digital scholarship (DS)--the larger umbrella of all scholarship including the arts, sciences, and everything between.

Specific examples include but are not limited to:

NVivo Workshop

Introduction to NVivo Workshop


Have you begun conducting qualitative research, but are finding it difficult to keep your data organized? Would you like a better way to manage data analysis? If so, come learn the basics of NVivo 12, a software tool designed for the collection and analysis of qualitative data sources. This overview will showcase some of NVivo’s functionality by using examples using NVivo’s preloaded sample dataset, as well as real-life data sets from Dr. Reed’s research.

Announcing the Final Projects for the Digital Seed Grants 2018-2019

The Digital Seed Grant (dsi.mtsu.edu/dsgrant) had an impressive amount of applications for its second year (award period 2018-2019), which initially launched in 2016 for the award period of 2017-2018. Due to the quantity and quality of proposals, the Digital Seed Grant Review Committee and Dean of Libraries decided to award two grants for the 2018-2019 academic year. The awardees were announced on the website at https://dsi.mtsu.edu/dsgrant18-19.

Presenting the Digital Collection - Historic Clothing Collection

Historic Clothing Collection

Since the inception of the Historic Clothing Collection, the primary method of locating or researching items has been a physical search utilizing hard copy descriptions of items, in three ring binders.  The 2017-2018 Digital Seed Grant (and library expertise) enabled the collection’s digital development through photography, garment metadata, digital inventory and a permanent website for the collection’s continued growth.

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