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If you are a MTSU faculty, staff, or student, and need assistance with DSI-related issues, submit your questions to our DSI Queue.

Please complete the short form to create a ticket for issues, concerns, or comments related to any of the platforms or programs administered by Digital Scholarship Initiatives (DSI): JEWLScholar (the institutional repository), JOURNALS@MTSU (the journal hosting program), or MT Open Press (the book publishing program).

Digital Scholarship Lab

As a physical space located in room 263 on the second floor of Walker Library, the Digital Scholarship Lab (DSL) caters to the digital preservation of research, reformatting of paper to digital, and use of editing tools and software that enhance the scholarship of MTSU and the collections of Walker Library. In addition to the software available throughout the Library, the DSL offers Adobe Creative Suite products, ARC GIS, and other mapping and visualization tools. Content Management Systems (CMS) in use include CONTENTdm, Omeka, and Open Journal Systems. This range of tools, software, and CMS options equip the DSL with the infrastructure needed to build and sustain digital scholarship at MTSU.

The DSL serves as a hub for collaboration regarding digital scholarship initiatives among campus partnerships -- with centers, departments, faculty, and students --in the pursuit of creating and applying new technologies that enhance interdisciplinary research. Discussions in the DSL focus on ways to build or enhance digital collections at MTSU. This includes collaborative digital initiatives grant opportunities, data visualizations that enrich research collections, preservation of scholarly research, copyright concerns, web publication, metadata standards, etc. These type of discussions help shape the direction of digital collections and foster the interdisciplinary nature of digital scholarship on campus. The products created in the lab are often grant funded*, strengthen the scholarly output of MTSU, and add to the collections of Walker Library.

*For grant projects, Digital Scholarship Lab use calculations are based on the fee schedule. Researchers needing lab resources (space, hardware, software, accessories, preservation storage, etc) can use this fee schedule as a guide when drafting grant applications and budgets.

The Digital Scholarship Lab also hosts events such as Digital Workshops and a Showcase/Conference (schedules will appear on the DSI homepage when available), and offers Digital Seed Grants to jump start research projects.

Journal Hosting  

Walker Library provides free journal hosting services for the MTSU community. All of the journals we service are digital and open access—free to read online. Walker Library established this journal hosting program to meet the needs and support the mission, values and vision of the university. In doing so, this also expands the role of Walker Library where collaborative faculty/student research and creative practice is valued and helps meets strategic direction goals. Learn about the Journal Hosting Options and the journal management process by visiting this guide: https://libraryguides.mtsu.edu/journalsetup

JEWLScholar, Institutional Repository

JEWLScholar is the institutional repository of Middle Tennessee State University, providing open access to scholarly research conducted at MTSU. Faculty, Students and Staff of MTSU may contribute materials (both born-digital and digitized materials) to JEWLScholar which creates a cohesive and useful way  for scholars to access and connect to MTSU produced research.  Materials from MTSU departments, research centers, colleges, or individuals can be deposited into the repository. Groups or individuals that do not fall into one of these categories and wish to deposit their material, may be considered on a case-by-case basis. To submit an item, visit http://jewlscholar.mtsu.edu.

Learn more about the institutional repository, open access, author rights, copyright and fair use by visiting this guide: http://libraryguides.mtsu.edu/IRinfo

Digital Scholarship, Open Access, Open Educational Resources, Copyright, Fair Use, Author Rights

Learn more about these topics by visiting the following guides:

Digital Scholarship- http://libraryguides.mtsu.edu/digitalscholarship

  • includes information on data management, scholarly communication, OER, digital publishing, digital and data tools, JEWLScholar (institutional repository), and DSI highlights brochure

Data Management- https://library.mtsu.edu/digitalscholarship/datamanagement

Open Access- http://libraryguides.mtsu.edu/oa

Open Educational Resources- https://library.mtsu.edu/digitalscholarship/oer

Copyright Basics- http://libraryguides.mtsu.edu/copyrightbasics

Author Rights- http://libraryguides.mtsu.edu/authorrights