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Announcing the newly released book, Intercultural Engagement Through Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad: A Practitioner’s Guide with Multidisciplinary Perspectives from a Public University

Congratulations to MTSU faculty, Priya Ananth and Seok Jeng Jane Lim (editors), and their chapter contributors! They published an edited monograph on September 15, 2023, titled Intercultural Engagement Through Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad: A Practitioner’s Guide with Multidisciplinary Perspectives from a Public University. This is the second book published under the James E. Walker Library’s MT Open Press imprint.

Have you ever thought about teaching abroad? Not sure how to get started? Or are you interested in how to improve your faculty-led study abroad courses? Then you will want to read this book!

What’s inside

  • Framework to understand short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs from theoretical and administrative perspectives.
  • 11 case studies that showcase faculty leaders demonstrating how intercultural competencies were strategically incorporated into their study abroad curricula.
  • Concluding analysis with recommendations for faculty and administrators to plan and design these programs.


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What the book is about

Intercultural Engagement Through Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad: A Practitioner’s Guide with Multidisciplinary Perspectives from a Public University is an edited volume that offers pedagogically sound and creative ways of integrating elements of intercultural competence into short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs. By purposefully embedding these competencies in courses, faculty leaders can better assist their students in deepening intercultural and global competencies, preparing students for a changing, more diverse global environment. This book contributes uniquely to the field by providing theoretically driven model courses across disciplines. The book will interest a readership of multidisciplinary study-abroad educators, including faculty leaders, faculty leaders-in-training, faculty scholars, and administrators.


What is being said about this book

It is refreshing to read what feels like a very unified approach to internationalization through intercultural engagement primarily at one institution offering varying cross-disciplinary approaches. I find the specific examples of activities, reflection exercises, and thoughtfulness of the review process of each program very well developed and a great resource for those looking to build faculty-led global learning programs.”

--Keshia Abraham, President and founder of Abraham Consulting Agency, and formerly an academic dean, Fulbright Scholar, study abroad director, and Africana scholar. 

The overall uniqueness of this book is the perspective of facilitating short-term faculty-led programs within one institution – a mid-sized public university in the U.S. This affords readers a unique perspective based on how faculty design and execute programs with a particular eye on the intercultural development aspect of short-term programs. This is a great resource for an education abroad professional or for a course in international education.”

--Karen McBride, Executive Director of Community Colleges for International Development, and formerly affiliated with the NAFSA Education Abroad Knowledge Community, Peace Corps, and Fulbright.


About the editors

Priya Ananth and Seok Jeng Jane Lim are faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and College of Education (respectively). They have both successfully directed multiple short-term study abroad programs to Japan and Singapore. Collectively, the editors have a wide range of experience in teaching, pedagogy, and study abroad curriculum design.

About the contributing authors

The book features a diverse group of authors with incredible expertise from a range of disciplines and perspectives at Middle Tennessee State University.



Together, the editors, authors, and press have created a valuable resource that we encourage the public to read and share. If you end up using this using this book in your course, please tell us about it at openpress@mtsu.libanswers.com.

Book information

Available at https://openpress.mtsu.edu

© 2023 the Authors

Published by MT Open Press at Middle Tennessee State University ∙ Murfreesboro

DOI: 10.56638/mtopb00223

ISBN (Digital PDF): 979-8-9871721-2-4

ISBN (paperback) 979-8-9871721-3-1

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023943895. Full record: https://lccn.loc.gov/2023943895 


Suggested citation:

Ananth, P., & Lim, S. J. J. (Eds.). (2023). Intercultural engagement through short-term faculty-led study abroad: A practitioner’s guide with multidisciplinary perspectives from a public university. MT Open Press, Middle Tennessee State University. https://doi.org/10.56638/mtopb00223 

The print-on-demand version (paperback) is available at https://lulu.com/spotlight/mtop  

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-4.0 International License

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