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Announcing the recently published Digital Scholarship Initiatives Highlights 2020-2021: A Digital Scholarship Center Assessment


The 7th annual DSI Highlights brochure summarizes the past year's development (2020-2021). The brochure highlights initiatives lead by the MTSU Walker Library for the creation, access, dissemination, and preservation of digital and scholarly initiatives. Digital Scholarship Initiatives (DSI) Programs include opportunities to:

  • learn and share digital tools and methodologies

  • create and preserve university scholarship

  • fund research and teaching opportunities through seed grants

  • encourage and support development of digital projects

  • provide and support open access publishing


A pdf copy of the double-sided brochure is available at https://jewlscholar.mtsu.edu/handle/mtsu/6492 (click View/Open).

A visual gallery of the brochure pages can be scrolled at https://library.mtsu.edu/digitalscholarship/highlights



More information:


Digital Scholarship Initiatives began at Walker Library several years ago as a way to build out the library’s collections digitally. More recently, other initiatives have been added including library publishing through JEWLScholar and Journal Hosting services; the creation of a collaborative Digital Partners group; and a Digital Scholarship Lab (DSL) dedicated to faculty and advanced students who enhance research by using digital tools and methodologies learned in workshops, collaborating on digital projects, and disseminating research through digital platforms.


All DSI publications, including previous years of the Highlights brochures are available at https://jewlscholar.mtsu.edu/handle/mtsu/4357