Acknowledgement and Credits

Primary Investigators

The project redesign was undertaken by faculty at the James E. Walker Library:

A. Miller, Project Director and Assistant Professor

Ken Middleton, Project Research and Professor

Amy York, Web Design and Associate Professor

Project Historian and Field Researcher

The project was co-developed and curated with leadership from the Center for Historic Preservation:

Dr. Susan W. Knowles, Digital Humanities Research Fellow

Staff Collaborators                                                                                         

Kira Duke, Center for Historic Preservation

Leigh Ann Gardner, Center for Historic Preservation

John Fabke, Center for Popular Music                   

Lucinda Cockrell, Center for Popular Music

Martin Fisher, Center for Popular Music

Antoinette van Zelm, Center for Historic Preservation

Student Collaborators                                                                                 

Ethan Morris

Ethan Holden

Kelli Gibson

Tiffany Momon

Ginna Foster Cannon

Brittany Wickham Walker

Essayists and Project Scholars

Michael Bertrand (Tennessee State University)

Dale Cockrell (MTSU Center for Popular Music)

Crystal deGregory (Independent Historian and Tennessee State University Adjunct Professor)

Mary Hoffschwelle (Middle Tennessee State University)

Reavis L. Mitchell, Jr. (Fisk University)

Carroll Van West (Director, Center for Historic Preservation and Tennessee State Historian)

Linda Wynn (Tennessee Historical Commission, Fisk University, Lipscomb University)


This project is supported by funds from the Tennessee Board of Regents Office of Academic Affairs and the Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area, a unit of the National Park Service. These competitive grants provided funding for scholarly essays, digitization of objects, and the design of an innovative collection interface.

The original project was directed by Dr. Carroll Van West and with support from the Center for Historic Preservation and James E. Walker Library in 2013-2014. The project redesign was led by the library, in collaboration with phenomenal partners, and took place in 2016-2017.

Encouragement and support that made this project possible came from:

Dr. Carroll Van West, Center for Historic Preservation

Dean Bonnie Allen, James E. Walker Library

A special thanks to staff at the James E. Walker Library and Center for Historic Preservation

Suggested Citation

Center for Historic Preservation and the James E. Walker Library. " Trials, Triumphs, and Transformations: Tennesseans' Search for Citizenship, Community, and Opportunity." Middle Tennessee State University, 2014-2017. Web.